Aspects of “everyday life” in Latin America between 1821-1880

In Latin America during the 60 years after independence, the uncertain political environment and frequent warfare adversely affected the material well-being of a large number of people of all social classes.

Many aspects of life were transformed due to the overwhelming political instability and infancy stage of nationalization for much of Latin America. 

The Gaucho culture of the Pampas-

Argentina essentially fostered a cowboy culture that was quite prolific.  It also transcended many of the racial woes that were rampant much further north in Latin America.  This way of life and culture became focused on work ethic, rather than race.  However, inevitably, a cowboy caste of sorts emerged. Incredibly, this was in spite of much of Argentina’s European orientation due to incredible amounts of Italians, Spanish, Germans, Irish, and Jewish immigrants to the area.

Urban Life-

Urban centers in Latin America were very grand.  The development of these powerful spheres of influence were fewer in number than their rural counterparts, but their economic influence certainly could be felt much further.  As aforementioned, the immigrant populations to cities like Buenos Aires stimulated a great deal of economic and social intracacies.

Village Life-

Life in more rural settings was preferred amongst Latin America’s large indegenious and native populations.  Perhaps the most interesting aspect of their lives in the countryside is their unique blending of religion.  Often, these essentially locally autonomous regions of Latin America went unfettered by western influences during the era.  However, by this time the people had already adopted a great deal of western values, mores and societal norms; religion being no different.  Natives forged Christianity and Indegenious as they had since European contact was made, although after independence was achieved, it became more a part of their culture than something imposed.


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