The Outrageousness that is the Leafblower has Reached Toy Market

It’s true when I say that leafblowers are loud.  It’s true that they contribute greatly to pollution.  It’s true that if we stopped using this senseless technology billions of dollars would be saved per year or perhaps even spent more so on lawn equipment itself, rather than services that chiefly go without paying taxes and employ questionable individuals that go through virtually no background check whatsoever.  This would stimulate the industrial sector instead of an element that is notorious for pollution, unsightly and unlegal activities such as parking infractions, zoning infringements,  and generally a bit of loitering, too.

The leafblower has finally made its way onto the toy isle:


It sickens me to think that there are generations of children already being exposed to this horrid technology that’s sweeping the nation.  In Florida in particular, I can attest to lawn companies taking advantage of housing developments by servicing them too often.  The results are a lot of noise, disruption, and a lack of beloved wildlife that commonly appeared in the area.


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