Edward Pebworth, Central Florida Artist

Edward Pebworth, or simply “Ed” as he’s known to his friends and family is a Central Florida artist who comes to the area from Indiana. He resides in quaint Eustis with his wife, daughter and cat.

He makes his living as a contractor and handy man, which is practically an art itself. His artistic specialty is painting with acrylics.

Quite the character, “Ed” (as I’ve come to know him), takes a pocket-sized art portfolio everywhere he goes. This, of course, includes the countless jobs he undertakes from week to week. To say that he eagerly awaits an opportunity to talk about or present his art is an understatement. Yet, somehow throughout the years, he’s learned to not be arrogant about his unique passion for populating vacant canvases. And a passion it is. To this chiefly self-taught artist, everything seems to present itself as an opportunity to create.

My wife and I had the pleasure of commissioning a family portrait from the artist and were absolutely blown away by what he produced.

To check out some more of Ed’s art, check him out here: Fine Art by Edward Pebworth.

It should be noted that although the painting looks great here, the photograph does it little justice. I unfortunately am not much of a photographer.



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2 responses to “Edward Pebworth, Central Florida Artist

  1. susandjohnston

    What a fine thing to do for Mr. Pebworth. I’m sure he’s grateful for the ad. You are a great friend! Mom

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