Cabaire, LLC., New Company Inspires American Transportation Breakthrough

The environmental and economic woes of commerce associated with truck driving (i.e. EVERYTHING) are perhaps most pronounced during times of idling. During the hours that truck drivers rest from their arduous non-stop driving, many are left with few options for comfort. This, ultimately results in their trucks running throughout the night to supply them with an air conditioned cabin.

While it’s easy for most to shake a finger at these road laborers for their overnight continuous use of diesel fuel, we must first remember how hard it can be to sleep without proper air flow. Heat makes us uncomfortable and in turn, it’s difficult to sleep. Truckers and over-the-roaders are no different than the rest of us, in spite of their seemingly coarse exteriors.

While watching this week’s episode of Motorweek on PBS, I was so surprised to see Cabaire, LLC. It’s this revolutionary new way of transcending the woes of overnight diesel idling.

According to the episode, which aired 4-28-2012, the new technology, which pumps fresh, cool air into the truck’s cabin, offsets 44,000 gallons of diesel fuel annually (per cabaire station). Today, diesel fuel costs around $4.00. With that said, that translates to $176,000/year in fuel savings for one of America’s most important economic staples:  transportation of goods.

It goes without saying that this aspect of the global economy is not long for this world. Much, MUCH improvement is still needed to offset our current demands on nonrenewables.

Check out the Cabaire movement that’s beginning to sweep the nation one truck at a time.

And, if YOU’RE a trucker, see where you can take advantage of this new technology. The proof is in the pudding!!!

Source: Motorweek, WUCF PBS, Episode 1209, 4/28/2012.


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