Florida is a Haven for Invasive Species

  1.         Florida is particularly vulnerable to invasive species for several reasons.  Perhaps most relevant is the fact that its peninsular shape acts like an island of sorts for biological life forms.  The island concept is essentially that the peninsula of Florida is of course surrounded by water, but is also predominately more warm than the further inland states to the cooler north.  Hence, plants, insects and the like are more likely to stay “this side of the border”.  In keeping with this warmer climate is the fact that we Floridians rarely experience freezing temperatures, which also lends greatly to the survival rate of pesky invasive species.   Other key factors in Florida’s susceptibility include concentrated amounts of human activity.  Because our state’s many sites attract not only national tourists, but tourists from other countries as well, the likelihood of foreign (and eventually invasive!) species is raised tenfold.  Attractions and tourisms aside, human presence in general heightens the amount of various materials being trekked from place to place and area to area as well.  This creates a kind of “anything is possible” type biosphere.  Interesting!

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