Good Morning America Perpetuates Racial Segregation

Good morning, global community!

In today’s day and age, it’s important for my fellow Americans to understand that without casting aside racial segregation and stereotypes in the media, little can be expected of the general public in this way. Regardless of what it says about the American public, it stands that a considerable amount of our perception stems from the information we’re given from the media. The powerhouses of morning media in America absolutely dominate our A.M. thinking, opinions and conversations around the water cooler. In many of our homes and workplaces, these programs enjoy constant attention from their audiences, eager to absorb the pertinence of the day’s issues.

I have been watching Good Morning America for the last year or so and have noticed that an inordinate amount of interviews are conducted based upon one’s racial makeup. Don’t believe me? Watch. I can’t tell you the last time I saw an African-American interviewed by someone who WASN’T Robin Roberts. Don’t get me wrong, the well-accomplished reporter and interviewer DOES interview those who are not African-American as well. But, it is as if Good Morning America deems it necessary to assign her to nearly every African-American interviewee.

I cannot begin to tell you the extent of the societal implications that this behavior to which this has lead. This particular case is more subliminal than most, in that it’s not the actual content that is racist. In this case, it is the organization of the content. I’m very disappointed in GMA for their nearsightedness on this ignorant programming.

I’m switching to the Today Show, that Matt Lauer is really something.


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