Daegu, South Korea, Here Come The Johnstons!

We’ll be moving to Daegu, South Korea, near the end of this year (Octoberish).

Although most Americans have never heard of this thriving metropolis, its history is quite rich. Much of the significant historical events of the region are dynastic and/or pre-Korean in nature.

Also of key importance to the value of this locale is its close proximity to Seoul, the nation’s capital and largest city, Hong Kong, Beijing, Japan, and Australia. We’ll be trying to fit in as many interesting trips as possible.

As for now, I am using a free program available through the Orlando Library to brush up on my Korean (it’s very difficult). I’m also reading up on the customs of the peninsular country. Some of the more peculiar things I’ve read about thus far have been the unusual live seafood markets and the fact that you should never leave chopsticks erect in a bowl of rice when finished with a meal. This, to the people of Korea, closely resembles an offering that is commonly placed on the graves of loved ones. The offering is usually a bowl of white rice with an stick of incense lit and placed into it.


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  1. susandjohnston

    Great information. I’m excited for you guys. Love you much!

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