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Native Cultures: Mesquite Flour

Tree of Life Nursery: in San Juan Capistrano

Featured New Product: Mesquite Flour
From the Seri People of the Sonoran Desert
Mesquite Flour ($9.50 for 8 oz bag)
(Prosopis glandulosa var. torreyana)

Collected, fire roasted, and milled by the Seri People
of Sonora, Mexico.  Purchased directly from the Seri.

Indigenous food.  High in protein and gluten free.
Can be mixed with other flours for baking and cooking
to add delicious sweet flavor and increase health benefits.
Suggested use: 1/4 cup Mesquite Flour + 3/4 cup Flour of
your choice to substitute for 1 cup Wheat Flour.

Slow Food Foundation Information about Seri Fire Roasted Mesquite Flour

Recipes from Arizona Mesquite Company

Reconnecting to Our Food Traditions in America
Article by Colin Dunleavy, Tree of Life Nursery Intern, Fall 2011

Native people sustained themselves for centuries by eating the pods of mesquite trees (Prosopis…

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  1. susandjohnston

    I never dreamed they could make flour from a mesquite bean! Hmmm. Wonder what it would taste like? It’s very expensive. Huh?!

  2. Not if you make it yourself, it’s not!
    I’d like to try and figure out when the height of the season is for San Angelo and harvest some and make a loaf of bread when we’re down.

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