Mustafa Kemal

Mustafa Kemal, otherwise known as Ataturk, “father of the Turks”, was an important figure in the western cultural development of the Arab state of Turkey. Unlike many Muslim contemporaries in the region, Ataturk was adamant about the adoption of certain western aspects of living. His military experiences revealed to him the many advantages that European nations held over the concept of an Empire. He made is his personal mission to see to it that Turkey become more like one of these successful European Nations, like France, Spain, England and Germany. The results of his efforts ultimately thrusted the people of Turkey into a Republic, known as The Republic of Turkey.
The results of Ataturk’s efforts were really quite great. His new Republic was beginning to flourish under his rule. Great accomplishments were made that improved the lives of the Turkish people. His projects included making primary schools for children mandatory. This lent greatly to the education of the Turkish people and in turn, improved the Republic’s abilities. Also of great interest, is the fact that he actually discarded the traditional Arabic script for the more European Latin alphabet. Because of the difficulties associated with learning Arabic script, this change made it considerably easier for the Turks to read, increasingly literacy greatly. He was in favor of women’s rights and was very politically forward thinking.
Because of the advancements Ataturk provided for his people, he still remains a positive figure in Turkish history. If you ever go there to visit, you’ll notice the everlasting effect that his rule has had. Walking or driving down the streets, you’ll notice that signage is written in the latin alphabet and occasionally, photos and depictions of the great ruler can be spotted.


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