The Cold War’s effects on American Society

Although the Cold War had far-reaching effects on American society, they were largely superficial when compared to the impacts of other wars of American History.  The Cold War’s homefront efforts consisted of establishing further national security measures against aerial threats, which were fast becoming popular weapons of choice because of extensive Soviet/U.S. competition in rocket building programs.  Likely, a number of Americans remained active in the military long after previous conflicts to ultimately assimilate into Cold War orders.  Interestingly enough, the Cold War should be given credit in that it was responsible for some really great achievements by both the Soviets and the United States.  The two countries pushed eachother to extremes to confront theological adversity in the name of conceptual idealism.  To end things on a lighter note, the Olympics enjoyed a warm spotlight once again, in part thanks to the nationalist tendencies of the institutions of the Cold War.  Sports from the beginning of the Cold War played an important role in National pride.  An interesting film that depicts some post-Cold War sentiments is Rocky IV, check that out!  I recently went to the Albin Polasek Museum in Winter Park, Florida, where they had a full gallery of communist art from the Cold War.  History is truly everywhere!



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2 responses to “The Cold War’s effects on American Society

  1. That was a fun trip to the museum while I was visiting during Christmas week. Your blog is great! Hope everything is going well. Thanks for you call today. You made my morning fabulouso with the singing baby in the background.

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