Harding’s “Normalcy”

The term normal is one that is particularly arbitrary.  It is subject to change indefinitely upon how it is used and who chooses to use it.  This was the source of controversy associated with President Harding’s use of the word “normalcy”.

Harding’s easy to get along with nature extends the likelihood that making such a statement had little to do with bruising legislation of respective recent pasts.  In spite of his unique wording, President Harding sought to use this slogan as a means of expressing his wishes if he was granted presidential office.

His “normalcy” became defined as a time when the country would exchange a legacy of war for an era of prosperity and of national uncertainties ranging from economic issues to quality of for urban dwellers upon streets of squallier.

I think that his ambitions told of a need for reform, rather than “progress”, as it was then defined.  Without fixing unresolved internal issues and international ones alike when chances present themselves, they are likely to continue to snowball, small or large.


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